There are many, many websites concerning the field of Telemedicine, We have tried to winnow the group down, to the most important Telehealth Sites, according to the ATA. It seems that Telemedicine has a significant presence in the USA, Canada, Australia, and India, judging by the websites.

    General Telemedicine

    1) The American Telemedicine Association


    2) Arizona Telemedicine Program


    Looks like a fantastic, widepread program; looks like probably one of the best in the USA

    3) Iinformation and networking source for ehealth, telehealth, home health and telemedicine


    4)  Telemental Health Institute


    5) Hardin Meta Directory – Telemedicine


    6) Pan American Health Organization



    7) From the AAP Grapevine…Telepsychiatry


    8) Association of Telemedicine Service Providers (ATSP)


    Federal Telemedicine News 
    Carolyn Bloch: Leader in Telemedicine News
    DistillInfo: Telehealth Great source of TeleHealth News
    News briefs and information from Federal agencies and Capitol Hill on government activities, legislation, and grants of interest to the telemedicine, telehealth, and health IT community. 


    The following links are of use to anyone interested researching the Federal government or the telemedicine industy:

    The Association of Telehealth Service Providers

     (ATSP) is an international membership-based organization dedicated to improving health care through growth of the telehealth industry.

    ATSP Telemedicine Reports

     Publications for professionals and the public on telehealth. Telemedicine activity reports from surveys identify and analyze programs in the United States and include information on location, clinical services offered, and types of equipment used.

    Telemedicine Information Exchange

     Online bibliographic, program, vendor, and meeting databases published and updated twice monthly by ASTP.

    American Telemedicine Association

     A professional membership organization that promotes telemedicine in the health care field.

    Texas Tech University

     Involved in using telemedicine in clinics, and in research projects. The network works with counties, communities, health departments, and hospitals to bring telemedicine to delivery areas.


    A leading provider of Telehealth and eHealth information to organizations, associations, professionals, vendors and those they serve.

    The Center for Telehealth & E-Health Law

     Gathers and analyzes information related to the legal and regulatory aspects of telemedicine. Publications and issue briefs available along with conferences presented on a

    Videoconferencing across platforms using the Cloud 
    BLOG for IpodTeleTrauma
    Telemedicine can cut healthcare costs by 90%
    Microsoft in India with improve telemedicine video set up that uses low bandwidth

    Bangalore : A virtual classroom solution for cloud computing that enables the conduct of live, HD quality, two-way audio/video interactive classes at as low as 200 Kbps speeds and a location-based mobile service that cuts out clutter and spam have been named the top winners of the Microsoft BizSpark India Startup Challenge. Jue 7, 2012

    Telemedicine Network in Ontario canada one of biggest in world 
    Telemedicine: Walmart Blue Light Special

    A cardiologist with an MBA has launched a telemedicine business starting with international retailer Walmart (NYSE: WMT) with the goal of providing affordable healthcare in areas underserved by providers.

    Dr.Raj Shah, who runs a 37 year-old, 10-physician cardiology and internal medicine practice in Langhorne, Pennsylvania, is the founder of Telemed Ventures and CEO of Smart Care Doc. Having formed the company nearly three years ago, he opened its first telemedicine unit in Bensalem in suburban Philadelphia and another is scheduled to open in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania later this month.

    The unit includes a flat screen TV and a dentist-style chair and has a set of bluetooth-enabled medical devices administered by an on site nurse including a digital stethoscope, a handheld EKG device, a finger pulse reader and a digital thermometer. A light pen camera is used to look into ears, at the throat or skin lesions. All of the readings from these devices can be transmitted to the attending physician or entered into a computer and sent to the physician in real time. Nurses also provide immunizations, minor wound care, and other services.

    Teledermatology in Australia

    See how Teledermatology Works in California

    Telemedicine and Diabetes 
    Legal Guidelines for Telemedicine
    EhealthPoint: Company Providing Health Services including Telemedicine in rural India

    “Now everyone wants a doctor in Bangalore.”

    Telehealth Consulting


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