1) WellDoc.com

    A game breaking App for Diabetics.  Approved by the FDA in August, 2012, This app allows the patient to monitor diabetes him/herself from home.  The big new is that the patient can monitor the A1c from home! For those who do not know, the A1c is a more accurate indicator of the true state of one’s diabetes.  Imagine the office visits this will save, as well as enabling the doctor to take better care of their patient!

    The App not only provides a great way to treat diabetic  patients and cut costs, but shows in technicolor the possibilities that are arising due to Internet Medicine.  Matter of fact, Happtique, a new medical app company, is banking on the future of doctors prescribing apps, instead of pills, as a new approach to patient healthcare, and welldoc.com, is an example of this role.  And, not only is Happtique directing their business model toward the prescription of medical apps for patients, they are also active in establishing criteria for the accreditation  of medical applications themselves.

    Next Step: The Killer App of measuring blood glucose non-invasively, which will be truly a groundbreaking day for the long-suffering diabetics, who have to stick themselves with lancets too many times to check their serum glucose.

    2)  GluCoM

    this is another diabetes management program that allows you to track blood sugar level, food consumption, insulin intake, and other diabetes related activities in an electronic diary. A patient can then transmit their information to a network of doctors for feedback.

    3) Patients’ Hospital App

    We are calling this a “Patients Hospital App”, for Patient Apps in the future, which, undoubtedly, will follow the trail-blazing App of the Mayo Clinic, called “Patient“.  The particular hospital app will be tailored, of course, for the patient’s hospital, but, most likely, will follow the form of this great Mayo Clinic App, which allows the patient, from their Smartphone, or computer to

    -make appointments, check medical records
    – view lab results in real time as they become available and can check blood work results before they meet with the doctor
    -check results of any other tests, including imaging studies of the past
    -review clinic notes of  prior visits, to ensure they ask questions, they may have forgotten
    -send secure messages to the care team
    -refill prescriptions

    See the following video which portrays the features of this Mayo Clinic App

    Of course, most hospitals will not have such impressive facilities to tout, but the main idea of the fantastic uses for the patient of this type of app are shown.

    4) Surgical or Medical Education Apps

    These medical apps serve to educate the patient about a surgical procedure, or a medical condition about which they wish to know.  DrawMd has excellent drawings of anatomy, and pathology,  that patients can easily understand, such as the following drawing

    These free DrawMD programs can be downloaded by patients on their Smartphones, Desktops, or iPads,  in the fields of Anesthesiology,  Orthopedics, Pediatrics, Ob/Gyn,  Ob/Gyn Surgery, General Surgery, Vascular Surgery,  Cardiology, Urology,  ENT,
    and others.  Excellent learning tool for patients to learn on their own, or to go over the drawings with the doctor.  In this manner, there will be a much fuller understanding of exactly what is going on with the patient.

    Also, see the Top Patient Orthopedic Apps

    5) Disease Apps

    These medical apps deal with specific diseases, such as  Prostate Assistant App, which helps patients track and manage prostate cancer efficiently.     Withings  from France makes this app for hypertension patients comes with a blood pressure cuff that transmits the readings via the iPhone for easy upload to Google Health or Microsoft HealthVault PHRs.

    6)) Cancer.net

    Cancer.Net Mobile is a free app with  features:

    -Guides on 120 types of cancer

    -An interactive tool to keep track of questions to ask healthcare providers and record voice answers
    -A place to save information about prescribed medications, including photos of labels and bottles (on camera-enabled devices)
    -A symptom tracker to record the time and severity of symptoms and side effects
    -A section featuring the latest videos, podcasts, and Cancer.Net Feature Articles


    1) Digifit:  this application suite can be individualized, with iCardio and iRunner, allowing the paitent to monitor  the heart rate,  speed, burned calories,, distance, etc.
    2) iNewLeaf: individualized workout based on the amount of oxygen and carbon dioxide inhaled and exhaled, so that the paitent can optimize the workout session.
    3) Pedal Brain: this cycling app has a GPS location system that tracks your biking and uploads performance data in real-time to the Web, where coaches, teammates, and friends can follow your progress.
    4) Raisin Personal Monitor : is attached to the skin like a Band-Aid and measures heart rate, physical activity, body position, and patient-logged events and sends information via Bluetooth to any computerized device.

    Raison Personal Monitor

    5) MacawApp

    Personal Health Monitor, with Exercise, Diet

    Body Talks

    -interesting patient health podcasts,  not an app!



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