The field of pharmacy has a multitude of comprehensive drug apps,  FREE  which work on both smartphone, iPhone, and Android,  that have in common listings of all drugs, side effects, contraindications, all within reach of a Smartphone,  or iPad. Most programs have photos of the pills, which is an added feature, when compared to the ole PDR of yesteryear. Wireless mobile cloud technology has certainly touch the pharmacy field, and allows a pharmacist the ability to spend his energies on other tasks, rather than memorizing drug facts. 

    Epocrates RX


    A comprehensive drug reference designed for Apple iOS that includes brand, generic, OTC, and alternative medicines, drug interaction check and pill ID. You’ll also have acces to our infectious disease treatment guide on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad.


    Lexi-COMPLETE,has a group of databases, some say the most comprehensive of any program.. Lexi-COMPLETE contains over 20 databases, including Lexi-Drugs, rated the most comprehensive drug resource and prescribing tool available in independent reviews, and Lexi-Interact, our highly-regarded interactions program.


    Simply a search engine box to input a drug, and given complete drug info.  Small screen designed to fit on your SmartPhone.

    AHFS Essential

    Derived from the more extensive and detailed AHFS Drug Information, the AHFS DI Essentials database is designed to offer healthcare professionals quick access to critical knowledge at the point-of-care. Nurses, doctors, and pharmacists alike will benefit from this concise, yet comprehensive information on prescription and key OTC drugs in an easy-to-use, highly structured outline format.


    MedCalc is a medical calculator that gives you easy access to complicated medical formulas, scores, scales and classifications.


    BLACKBAG™ offers medical news, tools, and resources for healthcare professionals across multiple specialties and therapeutic areas.

    The 5-Minute Clinical Consult

    This great pharmacist app  provides rapid-access information on the diagnosis, treatment, medications and follow-up of 900+ conditions. This latest update is based on the 2013 print edition with additional features, enhanced functionality and ongoing updates. 5-Minute Clinical Consult organized alphabetically by diagnosis, this best-selling clinical reference presents brief, bulleted points on disease topics in a consistent format.


    Davis’s Drug Guide for Mobile + Web, 13th edition includes up-to-date drug monographs for thousands of trade name and generic drugs. Answer questions about dosing, administration, patient safety, and patient teaching.




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