In a recent survey, in May 2012 in MobiHealth News, it was shown that “…71 percent of nurses are already using smartphones for their job., and 66 percent were using it during nursing school…”.  In addition, in a New York Times Article of January, 2012, “….but the most profound recent change is a move away from the (nurses) profession’s dependence on committing vast amounts of information to memory…”., because, essentially, of the use of Smart Phones to get the necessary data through nurse apps.  Five years ago, in hospitals, there were no Electronic Records or Internet Connections, but there are now frequently computers by the patients bedside!Massachusetts General Hospital, mainly due to what it saw during the trial period of  a ground breaking app that will be discussed below, Voalte, decided to issue iPhones with this app to many of the nurses.


    So, the influence of the role of apps in Nurses is important, and will only increase. The following video shows why nurse apps has an important role in nursing care today:

    A quick calculator to determine gestational age and EDC. Simple, fast, yet more thorough than any other pregnancy wheel available for the iPhone, Perfect OB Wheel is better than just a replacement for your trusty paper wheel.

    7.RN Notes

    RNotes® helps nurses provide premium patient care by putting the latest quick-reference, clinically-focused nursing information at their fingertips. The new third edition also helps students prepare for the NCLEX examinations by noting topics covered on the exam.

    8.Nurses Pocket Guide

    Diagnoses, and reasons to  assess patients and determine the proper nursing diagnosis and treatment directly at the bedside.

    Arranged by priority in a convenient outline format. Each diagnosis includes a definition, desired outcomes, risk factors, actions/interventions, documentation focus, and more. Nurse’s Pocket Guide also includes information on the basics of the nursing process and its application, as well as sample care plans and tips for creating them.

    9.Skyscape Nursing Constellation

    All-in-one nursing solution… includes  five must-have references for nursing and Skyscape s indispensable clinical tools into one comprehensive suite for your mobile device.Nursing Constellation plus is an all-round guide for practicing nurses. It’s a great tool to increase your proficiency.   And, there is a reason why it made the dubious ranking of Top 15 Most Expesnive Apps.  It has a LOT of info.Key Features include:

    -Davis’s Drug Guide for Nurses with built in drug dosing calculation too

    – RNotes: Nurse’s Clinical Pocket Guide

    – Diseases and Disorders: A Nursing Therapeutics Manual

    – Davis’s Comprehensive Handbook of Laboratory and Diagnostic Tests With Nursing Implications

    – Taber’s Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary, 21st edition

    – Archimedes 360 Medical Calculator

    – MedAlert – Medical Alerts and Clinical Summaries

    10. Live Nurse App

    Few iPhone health apps available today are specifically designed to connect patients with care providers in real-time. GreatCall, which offers the Jitterbug mobile phone service, launched such an iPhone app this week: LiveNurse offers unlimited access to a registered nurse 24 hours a day and seven days a week along with a medical library and symptom navigator tool. GreatCall partnered with A.D.A.M. to include its medical encyclopedia and interactive decision tools, which are based on information from the NIH and CDC. While its free to download, the LiveNurse iPhone app requires users to have already signed up for a $3.99 monthly subscription.  To buy from Apple iTune store, go to their Live Nurse App page

    11. Nurse.ORG

    NURSE.org. A large community of nurses that features hospital reviews, nurse stories, guides and more.



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